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Escorts In Wichita, Kansas

Jubilee Fox @ the Fox Den - Wichita Escorts

A couple of months ago, as I was leaving a room at the den after a session I spotted this gorgeous looking girl at the counter talking to the hostess. I couldnt see her face but from the back she looked really hot, long dark hair, young, nice tight body so I phoned back to find out who it was and they told me it had to be Jubilee Fox by the description. I didnt get a chance to see her however again until last week when the opportunity arose and this is what I experienced.

Very cute mainly East Indian girl with some middle eastern blood mix, piercing, beautiful eyes, sensual mouth with a fabulous set of teeth, around 5'5", long dark hair, with a gorgeous smile and a very friendly outgoing attitude.

Jubilee and I hit it off from the start, she talks, but not too much, its very easy to have a conversation with her so it was easy to make a connection. The service was excellent. Sometimes when GFE is advertised it doesnt really turn out that way but although the service was covered Jubilee is a great kisser, absolutely loves DATY, and is a very sensual and excellent lover. She provided me with one of my most intense ecstatic orgasms ever while wearing a took me a joyous couple of minutes to recover from the intensity.

Jubilee is just a regular type girl albiet an exotically beautiful one that you would pass on the street and never figure for an escort, a type of angelic girl next door type with no hard edge to her whatsoever.
Its always intriguing to find a girl like this in the business and I have no idea what brought her to the den but Im just glad that she is there and hopefully will remain so for quite a while.

It was my best session in the Den with someone other than my regular there for a long long time. A strong recommendation for those who would enjoy a safe girlfriend experience with a young exotic, beuatiful, fun and sensual young woman

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REVIEW : Nina Leone 100% GFE Dodge City BC

I wanted to get back here and post this review before I forgot but also wanted to give it some time to settle in and make my review that much better.

This was a first time experience for me so I was really nervous, Nina helped a great deal my talking to me over email several times and answering my many questions on what was ok and not ok.

The big day finally came and well almost did not happen from chickening out... been burned a few times by hookers, I finally decided that I really wanted to do this and went over to her apartment it was nice and clean and very professional. Nina even has her own massage table though I did not take advantage of it. Nina met me at the door wearing a beautiful corset nice and tight and pushing her beautiful large breasts up I was hooked at the door then came the first kiss to know I was about to experience a totally different experience.

Nina showed me around the apartment and showed me all of her incredible toys there is something here for almost any taste and I can not wait to get to know most of them over the next few years lol.. Like I said I was nervous as hell so started by sitting on her love seat with her just touching and kissing until things got heated up. Nina's incredibly beautiful tits came out and the panties came off and I found myself on her bed with my tongue exploring her pussy and my (covered) fingers deep inside her pussy. Her squirting orgasm went all over my face and I kept licking as she shuddered under me. Then it was my turn I have had many good BJ in my life but nothing like this It was like she was hungry for as much of me as she could take in her mouth including my balls it was heavenly but I did not want to explode here as one of the things I had chosen Nina for is that she not only allows Greek but loves it. She has a chair that is in the perfect position to give great greek from behind. Nina does not do CIM but she took me her mouth and brought me to a wonderful explosive orgasm on her face and tits. We had a wonderful shower together to clean up and that to was fantastic we talked a bit more about future fantasy nights and she showed me more toys and fun things she could do.... all I can say boys is WOW well worth every dollar.

Thanks Nina can not wait to play with your toys :D

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Chanel @ Kitten Club - Shawnee Escorts

I arrive at the club, am escorted into the room and am met by a gorgeous 19 year old in a Schoolgirl outfit, white blouse and knee socks, plaid dress named Chanel. Shoulderlength honeyblonde hair, petite frame, about 5 feet tall and probably under 100 lbs with gorgeous penetrating green eyes with which she fixes me with a stare and a wicked grin. And if I thought that was all there was to her I was later to find out I was wrong.

Chanel gets me on the massage table and slowly starts to unpeel, blouse first, interspersed with a very erotic light touch massage along my sides and inner thighs which sends tingles up my spine. Then off comes the bra, breasts are small but perky and she leans over and gently kisses and nuzzles my neck and softly bites and tickles my ear with her tongue.

The skirt slowly comes off and she continues the massage and licks me from my ankles, up along the thighs, across the stomach and finally settles on my nipples. All the while she does this somehow she seems to be watching me keenly to judge how I am reacting and every once in a while the wicked grin returns. She removes the panties and then Chanel slides down to work on my cock (cbj) which she really gets into with lots of head motion and taking most of it down deep. Then she gets on and rides, shes got her own idea of what gets her off and I go with it as she goes through several patterns of gyration before seeming to be satisfied. At this point its my turn, I flip her over into missionary and complete the mission.

The post sex conversation with Chanel reveals an extremely personable, funny and intelligent young girl who is NOT your run of the mill girl you find escorting and Ive seen a lot of them over the years. She is extremely young and almost appeared to be jailbait in the schoolgirl outfit but knows what she wants and is out to get it in a pleasureable, fun way. She made the session really fun and obviously enjoyed herself in everything she did. YMMV because I dont want to put a hook in her but it was for me a really nice GFE session and I figure that If Chanel likes you it would be a very memorable one.

The rate was $230 hr and well worth it for a beautiful young caucasian spinner with good service. I should also note that Chanel has a couple of small tatoos and very soft caressable creamy skin. And dont get freaked out if she watches you while she is in action. She just loves to see how people react to her. She seems to be a giver and not a taker.

Kitten Club used to be Cloud 9 on E in Shawnee in Shawnee.

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Liz in new west - Dodge City Escorts

Liz is sometimes on CL do a search for contact...
I made a appointment last week , drove out and she was busy and answered during her appointment , (bad) and told me to come back in a hour...fuk that...
she calls later and says sorry ,
a week later i think i may try again as she is a spinner ,,,,,kinda.
get there , and she is sexy weird, starts out with shower etc. and a frontal massage with eyes that looked like she may get a knife and kill me or she is going to do something fantastic.
the latter...she gave the best bj and ball sucking i ever had... i dont normally like ball sucking cause it hurts if not done right but she was bang on...took me to the exploding level and eased off several times , on with the rubber for some cowgirl , doggie and missh..she was very tight and receptive.
never went for daty cause i was tooo occupied with other stuff which was good at the time, heehe.
i,m about to come while she is riding me and she jumps off whips the condom off and starts a awesome bj , deep throat fukking , and swallows the load and licks her lips with a big smile.
my kinda gal :)
6 jade canoes
and i,m going back soon.
not a give me money type as i even paid later and almost forgot to pay my legs were so wobbley

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Greek with Leah Madison - Dodge City Escorts

As a wise lady once said 'good luck finding a young woman who enjoys anal'.

And man is she right. Those kind of dolls are few and far between.

Based on another fellow pooner's (thank you littlejimbigher) review I gave Leah a try.

She's in the 20-25 range and still has that ditsy cuteness but all grown up in the sack.

Greeted me in a sexy skimpy 2 piece bikini and stripper heels. Tres Bien!

I take a nice shower in her clean bathroom and we start kissing in her room after she starts the playlist on the dock station.

Very nice LFK working to DFK. I lie down and she begins a very nice CBJ. I'm normally a bbbj kinda guy but I was here for that tight ass. We switch to 69 so I can give her bald pussy and smooth asshole a tongue reaming. Now she's really getting into it with her slutty porn talk. That just gets me harder, especially when she's begging to jump on. Wow, can this girl ride. We go thru the usual positions and now the moment of truth.

While we are in doggy with the mirror in front of us, she lubes up that sweet asshole and opens up for me. Wow, pure ecstasy, you just can't get that feeling anywhere else. I start off nice and slow enjoying every stroke, but it is Leah who's asking for it harder. As I fuck her harder she just enjoys it more and wants me to slap her ass. We switch the anal to missionary so that I can also deep french kiss her while looking down on those baby blue eyes. After she cums a second time I can't stand it anymore and blow the biggest load in that gripping ass. I collapse, shower, finish my wine and I'm on my way.

Looks face 8.5-9. I just love her bleach blonde hair and the only way to describe her is a young slutty looking Edie Falco (the key word here is young).
Body 8. Only reason not higher is because of my obsession with spinners, also, I might be in the minority, but I prefer girls with smaller breasts. And Leah has some real porn looking enhanced DDs.

Service 9. The high point is for the unbelievable anal!
Attitude 10. Wow, it is so refreshing to find a girl who likes her job! She's also just plain nice and friendly with no attitude.

Repeat: Yes, in fact, I spotted one her sexi friends and would love to try a duo.
Recommend: Anal with a young blonde??!! Duh!

Cost: $280 for the hour.

Only negative is she can be hard to get ahold of because she has a day job and only escorts part time.

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Review Ashley Taylor 4559 - Wichita Escorts

straight to the point..
booked with Ashley the other day, it was a bit hard to communicate with her with the whole text message thing, anyways, was finally agreed on a time to visit her in Wichita place

was greeted at the door with this short chubby blonde chick, which is to be Ashley
actually, I think I remembered seeing her from Ishq..anyways wasn't amazed at the time

we didn't really talk much, just went straight to the point, the bbbj was okay, not bad
cg was a bit rough..hurts my john, and a bit doggie, I wasn't really into the session because I wasn't really attracted by her physical appearance, which is very misleading from the pictures on the website
and very different from when she's got her robes on

anyways, finished quickly for around hh, and left!

L (face: 5, body:3 big tommy, sagging boobs, fat legs..didn't notice any of them when she' got her robes on lol
A 7 easy going, straight to the point
S 4 finish quick and get out quick!

menu: I think all stuff is on the menu except for greek.. not sure about daty either

I wouldn't repeat myself
but if you are looking for a girl who's got an extra meat, and likes to play rough then...:cool:

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Giselle Review CL7351 - Dodge City Escorts

Hey this is one awesome girl! Giselle greeted me at the door with a big affectionate hug and it sort of went uphill from there. Giselle is actually around 5'7" with a nice firm young body, curly blonde hair (apparently depending on her mood or the day it can be straight and long), a couple of small tats, engaging eyes and a very outgoing personality which whaps you in the face as soon as she opens the door! She is caucasian and very attractive with a bit of an exotic touch to her features, possibly eastern european or a touch of the Middle East? Age would be accurate, she is somewhere around 20 years old IMHO.

Service wise she is excellent. DFK is passionate but it does seem that her true passion is the excellent bbbj that she provides. No matter how many times I seemed to bring her up for air she seemed to want to head back down there. She attacks it with passion and enthusiasm. Giselle is a doggy girl so those who like it that way will also enjoy her. I am a missionary guy however and really enjoyed the hot and sweaty close intimate contact with such a pretty, young and enthusiastic girl. After it was all over we had a really good long talk about all sorts of shit. She is quite intelligent, fun to talk to and wasnt in any hurry to give me the bums rush out the door.

I would definitely recommend Giselle for a variety of reasons. Service was good and non rushed and the location was very clean, she is attractive and young with a good body, but the topper for me was her outgoing personality and the ease of connection.

Rate was $160 for 30 but I did the $220 for 45.

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Junko CL - Overland Park Escorts

Started off trying to see Miyuki near Joyce CL 4326, confirmed time, showed up and got excuse that previous customer extended time and to please wait 20 mins and they'll call me back. I waited the 20 mins and left since it's a bad sign.

Called up Tony near Metro and I met Junko CL 8570. I haven't been to that many SP's but for me Junko was the best I had so far. Kgirl, I'd say low twenties, pretty, trimmed, a-b boobs, soft skin, long hair. Very friendly and nice, english is not bad. Accompanied shower, good attempt at a massage. Tongue bath, rimming, bbbj, cowgirl. Eye contact throughout. Yes BJhunter, she sucks good cock... She has incredible kegal skills which I can feel and even when I blew she continued with it to milk me dry with me still in her which was a first for me to feel it that strongly. Great attitude, excellent service, super nice.
standard Kgirl fee $.6

L: 8
S: 9
A: 9

Repeat? Pretty sure I would if I can afford it.

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Edmonton's Mischa Mckinnon recent visit to Shawnee

First of all, thank you Edmonton - for letting Mischa escape to the West Coast for a few days!

Mischa's PERB ad last week (!-July-19th-20th-and-21st&highlight=) definitely caught my attention - quite the hot pic with a sultry look.

Next, I did a bit of research on PERB, and found almost all her reviews were quite exceptional. I was also impressed by her posts in either reviews, ads, or the lounge. So, we exchanged a couple of emails and set an appointment for her last day in Shawnee this past Wednesday.

I must say my expectations were a bit high based on the research on PERB, and more info and pictures on her Web site ( And, this is one of those rare times when my high expectations were actually exceeded :D Thank you, Mischa!!!

Mischa offers an amazing GFE experience, and seems to really love what she is doing. Absolutely no BS from her - you will get anything from the very open menu she lists on her Web site (provided you are respectful and considerate of her). And, what a body this 27-year-old (her real age) has - 5 ft. 8 ins. tall with great curves in all the right places, and a joy to wrap your arms and legs around :)

Anyway, I could go on and on about Mischa as she is one of the best SP experiences I've ever had. But, I just thought I'd mention a few more things about her that may help others in making up their minds about her:

She does a CBJ which is much better than most BBBJ's I've had. Her deep throat, tongue and suction action, eye contact, and choice of thin condoms make it feel just like a BBBJ!

Her breasts are an enhanced 34DD (size from her site), and I'm sure her surgeon must feel proud of the wonderful work he created.

She asked if there were any positions I wanted to try, and she is game for any of them. We tried piledriver, until I tripped and almost crushed her :o. We recovered nicely and continued with less-demanding positions. I will need to get in better shape for next time ;)

Great lips and tongue, whether they're on your cock or on your lips and in your mouth. And, when her mouth is not otherwise engaged, Mischa is a great conversationalist too.

Not a clock watcher at all, as we enjoyed some wine and a good chat before and after the action in bed.

Not much more I can add, other than to tell you that is was probably the best $300 I spent for an hour (little more time with wine & drink). I won't bother with numeric ratings, but I'm sure you would see that they would be quite high. The only negative I can think of is that Mischa is on her way back to Edmonton :( But, she did promise to make return visits to Shawnee :D Don't miss her if she does - I know I won't!!!

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Brooklyn lee, a review of a whole lot of nothing - Kansas City Escorts

Craiglist posting SWEET,SEXY BRUNETTE READY NOW AND WAITING FOR YOU**CALL ME - w4m - 25 (Kansas City) 0626

She tends to post three to four times a day. So decided to toftt. I have been lucky in the past with some and unlucky with others. This time, well to be honest, not so good.

Hooked up a 30 min time, her incall is in Kansas City Newton area, apartment style. Place is kinda Surryish in the old thought of way. Not like the new Kansas City for sure.

She looks at noted on the pic, same bed, although she looked more skinnier than the pic.

Now this gal, well she likes to waste time, chatting, fixing her hair, going for glass of water, taking clothes off, putting clothes on, then telling me I have only a short time left.

Blow was very uneventful when she finally started. Seems she wanted that to end quickly and get on with the lay. Now jump up, waste more time looking for lube, finally back to the bed. All in all she takes the fun out of the whole deal as she seems to be playing games. Personally I was trying to play the hide the weiner, whenever she was ready.

Thanks to my vivid imagination, I was able to get off, as she offered a cim.

After this, she springs from the bed to spit it out, making a TTOB (total time on bed) less than 10 minutes.

So from my side of the bed, I would give her a looks 6, body 4, saggy boobs, attitude, 5.0 when she was there. :confused:

Well, if you like a woman that does these kind of things, feel free to call her, personally it really felt like married life:(

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Amazing Kiana Fox!! - Manhattan Escorts

Hello Fellow Perbers!

I know I haven’t written a review in a long time…despite throwing my 2 cents every so often; essentially becoming more of a lurker than a contributor. BUT now I am going to give you all a heads up on what I think is a REAL & RARE GEM! I have actually been sort of odds with myself about writing this review, mostly for selfish reasons lol! Despite of having hardly written anything about her, this girl seems to be very popular with the gents…on several occasions I have had difficulty booking her because her time slots fill up so fast.

The SP in question is of course KIANA FOX of Carman Fox & Friends. It all started when the “LF Vietnamese provider” thread came up on this board this past summer. Without having ever met her, I suggested KIANA to the guy; seeing how she is part Vietnamese & Korean. Then taking a longer look at her incredible pictures on the CF site, my curiosity got to me…so I took my own advice and went to check her out myself lol!

The initial encounter with KIANA FOX was amazing & mind-blowing! I have been back 5 times more since! If you are looking for a girl who is exotic, simply stunning, passionate, smart, classy & has a crazy sense of humor; KIANA FOX is for you. Make no mistake, KIANA FOX is a woman; not some innocent or slutty sex-fiend. CF’s site states that she is 26 & I would say this is very accurate. She is between 5’2 – 5’3 & 98lbs; definitely 34DD with a perfect 23 inch waist & 34 hips. She tells me she enjoys hot yoga & aerobics and it shows... she has a frickkin hot tanned body & fairly toned stomach with a grrreat ass! If you’re a fan of bolt-ons, she has the best pair of Double Ds I have ever laid my hands on; squeezable & very responsive! The kitty is equally yummy…completely shaven, beautiful to stare at & sweet tasting! DFK, DATY/69, MSOG & BBBJ (yes my boys, it’s available!!... but only if you’re clean & trimmed) are available on the menu; also the BEST accompanied shower (must insist)! She seems to thoroughly enjoy grinding CG & pounding doggy. But as in every case YMMV. As I said, I have enjoyed my many encounters with KIANA FOX …so if you’re truly interested in an unforgettable –mind blowing GFE experience with her then I suggest: Be very physically clean lol!!! Its’a turn on for her!

She’s sophisticated so be a gentleman & treat her well. She loves to laugh & enjoys her job a lot (she calls it as her “play time”)… so if you’ve got game, you should bring it!

$$$.2 for an hour

Repeat- Of course…going soon on my 6 visit! :D
Recommend- Hell Yeah! You can thank me later!

Good luck Gentlemen!

Click Here For Her Contact Info

Jessica @ Independant Cuties - Hutchinson Escorts

First experience from a newbie.

Every day I see hot looking chicks walking down the street. I hate to stare 'cuz it creeps them out. But this afternoon I got to stare. For a guy with a conscience, this is a rare pleasure.

For me sex is all about the visual. Jessica is a young 22 years, and has a gorgeous, petite body. I couldn't stop staring. But the best part were the eyes, looking up at me while she relieved the pressure. I could have fucking melted.

She has long hair, and I had to keep sweeping it aside so I could see where the gasps and groans were coming from. Pretty girls should tie their hair back, and she's quite receptive to a good pounding.

COF is not on the menu, so it was CO belly. I busted loose a huge load of my special sauce. A smiling pretty girl, with my jizz on her, is the best thing in the freaking world.

She is soft spoken, sincerely friendly, and seemed a little vulnerable. She's no tiger, and definitely lets the customer take the lead. You can dine at the Y, but no penetrations by tongue or digits. You can kiss but the lips stay closed. Her hair is black, not the reddy-blonde in her pictures. BBBJ was good; not deep, but I never asked.

recommend: yes
repeat: no

Click Here For Her Contact Info

BustyAngelina CL1059 - Abilene Escorts

Angelina is as advertised, ex Rachel Fox from the Den. She is around 5'6" and seemed around mid twenties in age, with big titties and a double pierced pussy. She looked as advertised, golden brown long hair and very attractive with soft, appealing eyes.
Angelina is exceptionally friendly, put me at ease immediately with her attitude and I wished I had booked more than half an hour but I had some concerns that day re a rare case of erectile dysfunction that seemed to have occurred. I wasnt sure how things would turn out so I booked a short session just in case nothing worked properly.

She gave me a quick body slide which felt great and then got down to business as it appeared that my equipment was rising to the occasion. It was a cbj but some exceptional nut licking kept me erect and ready for the main course. A couple of quick position changes led into missionary during which I exploded with rapture inside Angelina.

The cool thing is that it seemed to have cured me and everything has worked well ever since. Im not sure why I couldnt get it up for a week or so but in any event that disasterous week is behind me and Im back to normal. So thanks Angelina for the cure.

Rates and location are posted in her craigslist ad, I dont think I can put that on here.

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Korean newbie Kalani - Overland Park Escorts

Newer condo, street parking. Apartment clean, attended shower, lots of shampoos, soap, nice BBBJ, yummy b cup, fluffy towels and sweet friendly girl in general. As I mentioned, it started with attended shower, plenty of hot water and soap, apparently she likes a clean boyfriend.

She is nice and young, claims 22, I believe that's close. Her English is good, she has a warm and bubbly personality, polite and easy to spend time with. Body type is athletic with nice tan lines ;)

Kalani was coy and shy at first but she warmed up fast. After the shower, had the standard massage. A lot was on the menu. I played with her body for a while massaging her front and she would giggle. Her oral skills are acceptable and she was open to speed suggestions, starts slow and works the speed up gradually, unlike some other asian organ grinders that I've encountered. She had some nice gentle finger stroking at the same time too. I finished her off in a lazy dog breathing in her perfume from behind


Her pics a genuine. She's a nice young lady, pleasure to be with.

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Korean newbie Kalani - Kansas City Escorts

Newer condo, street parking. Apartment clean, attended shower, lots of shampoos, soap, nice BBBJ, yummy b cup, fluffy towels and sweet friendly girl in general. As I mentioned, it started with attended shower, plenty of hot water and soap, apparently she likes a clean boyfriend.

She is nice and young, claims 22, I believe that's close. Her English is good, she has a warm and bubbly personality, polite and easy to spend time with. Body type is athletic with nice tan lines ;)

Kalani was coy and shy at first but she warmed up fast. After the shower, had the standard massage. A lot was on the menu. I played with her body for a while massaging her front and she would giggle. Her oral skills are acceptable and she was open to speed suggestions, starts slow and works the speed up gradually, unlike some other asian organ grinders that I've encountered. She had some nice gentle finger stroking at the same time too. I finished her off in a lazy dog breathing in her perfume from behind


Her pics a genuine. She's a nice young lady, pleasure to be with.

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BBW sisters - Dodge City Escorts

Being an older gentleman, when I am in the mood, I will check out the latest Craigslist ads to see if there is anything new. I came across an ad that you can find using the search words “BBW sisters” for two sisters who advertise as both in their early 50s, offering a good time. Intrigued, I decided to contact them via e-mail.
The date was set, and yesterday I had a most enjoyable experience. I knew I was in for it when I heard giggling even before I knocked on the door. These two ladies were very welcoming, and appeared genuinely happy to see me. They both proceeded to give me welcoming kisses followed by my undressing, one from the front and one from the back. Their joviality was infectious and the activities began. I am not one to provide intimate details, suffice it to say, it is an experience to be providing DATY on one woman, while the other is doing the same to you. My equipment doesn’t always cooperate, but S*** managed to get me off in a most enjoyable BJ. Tits are large and soft, and both of their attitudes are first rate.
They are also lingerie models in their spare time, and love to prance around in outfits. They are both BBWs as advertised, but not overly so, and in any event it is the attitude and service that become more important. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and will definitely repeat as it is $200 well spent.

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JessikaXXX 100% pure anal slut but in the nicest way possible - Lawrence Escorts

I don't get back to town much, but when I do it's usually an MP or AMP and I was getting a bit bored with the so so, one shot, service. So for this trip, I started trading PMs with JessikaXXX for a session my first night in town.

When I called to confirm our two hour session, she asking if there was anything special she should bring, or that I would like to do, I said I "hadn't tried Greek in a while" ... little did I know what I was getting myself into :o

OMFG ... This girl's tag line of "Ass all day long" is no lie! She just loves Greek :D

When she got there, she asked what I liked to do ... I said I was adventurous ... she thought that was a good answer. From there on, non stop, it was a blur ... I lost track of how many positions we got into, but I always seemed to end up in her ass, as did every SOG.

She's quite vocal ... I'm sure she hit notes that change channels in the next room, sent dogs running, and maybe even brought down some older Russian satellites.

One memory burnt into my mind was me standing by the bed, while she found every position possible (up, down, sideways) for BLS and BBBJ ... man, what amazing DT!

My last SOG (that used up the last of her lube), was with her on her back, ankles behind her ears, and me pounding her ass like a mad man.

It was an incredible session that went a hour overtime ... it makes me wonder wonder what could have happened if the lube hadn't run out?

After Jessika (AKA: the new lust of my life) left, I did a bit of cleanup (to hide the evidence from housekeeping) ... I found at least a half-dozen wrappers (and former contents) in the wastebasket.

There's no way I can even imagine topping this session with Jessika, it was the most erotic experience in 3 decades of pooning ... I'm ruined for anyone else. I'm not even sure if Jessika could top what she did that night.

I may have reached the Holy Grail of my pooning career, and might have to hang my balls up, and retire.

I'll be jerking off to that night for as long as I have use of my hands.

Thank you (again) Jessika!

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Maya's girl --Amy - Hutchinson Escorts

Went to see her couple of days ago, She is young, tanned, and a tall K-girl. She speaks a little english, but she is very playful. She is probably in her early twenties with nice long legs and a nice natural b-cup. The usual shower with a lttle bbbj tease. Onto the bed with small kisse along the back and legs. Flipped over for more bbbj, she likes to tease with her eyes while she is kissing and licking the shaft. After 5 min. of teasing, I had to stopped her before losing it,. I flipped her to lie on the bed, and sucked on those nice soft tatas. I slowly worked my way down to her nicely shaven bos, and slowly did daty on her. She is a little wild one. She thrashes from side to side while I am trying to stay on the same spot . I felt her legs squeezing my head and I felt her pussy squeezing my tongue.

She grabbed a cover and quickly turned me over for some cg, mish and finished in doggy. We cuddlled afterwards and mentioned that she will be leaving soon. With a few min. left, she wanted to give me a message. I wanted to eat her again but she is fighing me over. We did a lot of pushing and light kissing (No dfk). Got showered togather agin and left with a big smile.




Damage--$.60 for 45 min.

I saw another girl there brifely, but she is not as hot as Amy. Will definitely repeat!!

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Ivy Near in Overland Park

So maybe she slipped when she was typing her CL ad. Maybe when she typed 38D-26-35, as in waist 26", what she really meant to type was 38D-36-42. It's an honest mistake. Could happen to anyone. Really?? Noooo.... not really!

I was an innocent moth drawn to the flame of the photo showing that beautifully enticing cleavage shot. But I felt like the bug that hit the zapper light when she started to take her cloths off and I realized that the girl answering the door and taking my money was Ivy. Oh well, I'll try anything once, so I stayed. That's 20 minutes I'll never get back.

Fake add? Well not entirely fake, she might be 5'8".
Un-true, un-kept, un-trimmed and un-inspired; generally an un-memorable un-experience. I think the damage was $20 (don't recall exactly as I've already blocked most of the event from my mind, and I think it was only last week).
If you're into the BBW thing she might float your boat, mine sunk (and I generally like curvy girls).
Number ends in 8155.

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Wing CL, Topeka west side: great cocksucker!

Ok, this is for the leechers, bandwagons, etc., here's a gem in terms of value & service, but not looks, I emphasize, not looks!

For $.20, you're probably going to get a pretty good blowjob in this city, and yes, with the BJH Stamp of Approval.

Saw her a few weeks ago, got to her building around Granville/12th, older building but nicely kept. She's got big guns alright, though not firm, not too saggy either. Nice big room, unlike those other smaller micros ;)

Although not PSE, more GFE, she knows how to suck your good cock inside her mouth, as well as twirl her tongue and suck it like a vacuum too. Knows the shaft & head technique, spends some good time on the berries, but no rimming & no moaning. While she's sucking away, she knows how to fondle those family jewels well, thought my nuts were being interchanged from left to right, and vice versa ;)

A BJH rating of 8.75.

Some lost points for: not looking up, hand-pumping, lack of varying speeds, & wetness/slurpiness, and just a tad down on the energy level compared to Ally of Rmd. I love those sounds, isn't that great? But does take direction well, even w/ her limited English.

Gives a good massage too, nice lady that takes her time too, not a clockwatcher.

She ain't no young head-turner, prob. mid-30s, but I've repeated a few times already, so let's release them to the hounds ;)

$.20 plus .1 for tip.

time to check out Misty & see where I place her on the Cocksucking depth chart ;)

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CL Kisa d/t - Salina Escorts

Talk about YMMV, I thought she was just OK:


*young, tight
*soft skin, tanned
*just cute, no way near 'hot' or a head turner...just a little innocent girl.
*but Chinese born canadian, a refreshing start
*nice, suped up place! esp. the washroom, like a resort.
*she can ride all right

*no surprise, her cocksucking's average to the BJH. 6.5/10 for me, maybe others have rated her higher. when you've had Ally, Sheila, Kara-lynn, it's tough to compete! no slurping, no dirty talk, no looking up, that's just the beginning according to the BJH manual
*too many restrictions: no kissing, no balls, no daty
*cbj, but topic of extra $$$ for bbbj didn't come up, like that other lucky pooner ;)
* here's a big one for those germ guys: when we were getting dressed after the dirty deed, she just 're-did' the blanket; no changing of sheets, etc.!!!! had i known that, i wouldn't have gone!
*clock watcher
*NO TOUCHING OF BALLS???!!@$$##$%#$

Repeat: no, better $$ spent elsewhere
$.60 for 45min.

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Tegan Teese - CL 4097 - Topeka Escorts

After a really long day at work yesterday I needed a way to unwind. I had read some good things about Tegan and since I was in Topeka I thought I would give her a call. She was very pleasant on the phone and was able to accommodate me with just 25 minutes notice.

She is located right near GM Place. If you are heading there, just a head's up that some of the streets in the area are still closed. I finally got there and was luckily able to find some street parking. Tegan texted (after asking me first) the buzzer/apartment details.

I get to her place and am greeted with a hug by a REALLY hot (imho) girl wearing sexy black lingerie. Her pictures are definitely accurate (she is in her early 20's) however her hair is quite a bit shorter than previous photos I had seen. It looks good and she is really adorable with a tight, tanned body.

Right away she was very friendly and made me feel at ease. After a bit of small chat I went for a shower and she gave me a fresh towel and a cold glass of water. Her apartment was nice and tidy. I opted for the hh, non-gfe fs for $1.4.

I got out of the shower and she is lying on the bed waiting for me and I know I definitely made the right decision to see her. She looks smoking hot with a beautiful smile on her face and I now I'm going to have a good time. We start with some hot kissing and I begin to explore her sweet body. Pretty soon I am absolutely raring to go.

Tegan slips a condom on me with her mouth (I always love that move) and begins to give me a great bj. Quite frankly, I would have been happy with her sucking my cock for the whole session (she offers a cbj for $1.2). You can get a great view of her going down on you in the mirrored closet beside the bed which was really hot.

After a while we switched to doggy and she was really into it. I certainly was as well as I blew comically fast - I really felt like I was 16 again. I had another quick shower and talked to her a bit. Multiple shots on goal are apparently available if you chose her gfe option. I was spent anyhow and wanted to get home and go to sleep.

I would give her very high marks across the board for her looks and body and her attitude was awesome - she seemed like a very cool girl. I had a good time and would see her again as well as recommend her to anyone who wants to be with a cool, hot blonde - hell, who doesn't?

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The amazing Sheila - Overland Park Escorts


I know that the many of virtues of Asian Sheila CL 1369 have been well documented on this board. Just felt compelled to share my latest, greatest experience with this gem.

I saw Sheila several times at her old off Robson incall. I had yet to see her at her new Helmcken addy. Tried several times but never managed to connect.

Saw her on Saturday night and my oh my oh my.

Best session I had with the girl yet. Sheila was very happy to see me. Greeted me with a warm hug. Went to her room and talked a bit to catch up. Then she sat on my lap and we went into a long, prolonged, delicious DFK session. Boys, this was EXACTLY like a passionate session with a GF. Amazing connection. Didn't want to end the DFK Fest but had to move on. I picked Sheila up and moved her on down the bed. Started an equally prolonged DATY session. Very very passionate. holding her hands the whole time. At times I would elevate her beautiful butt to get an even better angle on the DATY Sheila had a big O. We then collapsed on the bed for a bit and then moved on to the feature act. Sheila's patented and justly famous BBBJ NO ONE does it better. Best BJ I have had in my life whether GF or SP. Amazing.

After several minutes of that we moved to some delicious positoins. Some hard grinding CG (I believe Sheila came again during this session), then to Mish (me standing off to side of bed, Sheila on bed), then to some doggy.

I wanted to complete with more BBBJ so off came the cover and Sheila brought me to finish (no CIM but life is never quite perfect!)

Then lay in the bed and talked some more, a few minutes of massage, then accompanied shower, back to bedroom to yak some more. A few gentle kisses to end our session then out the door. Was there for about an hour.

Sorry boys but I paid 2. I know, i know. Sheila's tarriff is 1.6 but she is just amazing. Couldn't help myself .

This girl is so sweet boys. Treat her right. Those of you who are Sheila enthusiasts will know exactly what I am on about here.

giddyup out (and satisfied)

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Misty's First all nighter - Manhattan Escorts

It is not often that the chance to do an all night deal comes up, and being from out of town, even rarer that such an event can be set up. However, after reading about the mysteries of Misty and her wonderful oral skills, decided that this was for me, and a long phone call and discussion ended with a possible session being booked. On arrival, a few days earlier than expected, a phone call advanced the date and we decided that the night had arrived to go for it.

Misty arrived at the hotel, dressed in high white boots, a white coat, and a dash of red carried, which complemented those full red lips and dark hair, and glasses she is famous for. I opened the hotel room door to this wonderous site and immediately saw that look telling me I was about to be wonderfully and professionally seduced. Heaven was on my side! She smiled, came in, and gave me the most sumptuous DFK ever, and that was the start of a wonderous evening. We dispensed with business arrangements, I knew now that it was going to be a success, and got on with our thing. Laying softly in each other's arms, we exchanged DFK for what seemed like an infinite time, till I decided that a little change in flavour was needed, and give her wonderful pussy a quick few licks. She just exploded on the third one, and said it had never happened so fast before, that I was very skillful, knowing exactly what to do. Well, yes, and now decided it was her turn.

Laying quietly on my back, Misty proceeded to kiss the body all over, from head to toe, and then finally concertrated on the vital area with all her skills. Like playing a harmonica, she licked, blew and licked some more, until it came time for those full lovely lips to close over the little head, and she began to bring the most superb pleasure ever. Gently and skillfully licking, sucking and massaging with her lips, she brought total success to her work despite my vain attempts to hang on and make it last. She won!! And her victory was loved by both of us. As things cooled down, and mother nature completed her task, Misty finally moved her mouth away, looked up at me, smiled, took a deep breath, and then dove into her second drive for another score on goal. The sensation was enormous and the timing just right. But it took longer and no one complained. She made it happen, and then I lay back, and well, lets just say we went at things a little slower after that, but the night was truly amazing and one exhausting repeat after the other. After we were both spent, she positioned herself so she could hold the little guy firmly between her lips, and her back could be rubbed. We feel asleep in that position.

The next thing remembered was the wake up call, and Misty coming out of the bathroom with that smile asking me if I wanted a morning refresher before she had to leave. That offer was accepted. My day started like the night finished.

So the event ended, wonderfully, both of us happy. She had told me that this was her first all night experience. All I can say, it won't be her last with me. As for a rating, heck, 10 isn't good enough, but all I got! Her attitude, personality, smiles and customer satisfaction motto all work for a great experience. And looks,well man, she is great in that respect too. As for price, no complaints, we made a deal any gal in town would be happy with.

It was an honour to be her teacher for such an adventure, and I wondered what all her other clients were thinking when her phone went unanswered all night, yep, she turned it off. Too bad guys, bet you wondered where she was.

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Bobo, CL, in Lawrence, 2296

Dated Bobo and two others. Decent apartment near in Lawrence Centre. Pic of Bobo appears authentic. Price is $120/ 45 min. No added fee factor for duos or trios, just $120 x no. of girls. Male owner answers phone and greets you at door. Seems like a nice guy.

Bobo is maybe 5' 8* or so. Self assured, looks you in the eye as she greets and smiles. Looks Korean but she says from HK, not Japan. Attractive face, good figure. Another girl is a beauty from Taiwan, a few inches shorter but not short. Thin frame, natural curves, graceful appearance. Shy and quiet, limited English. The third is Rubenesque (not fat), curly hair who is extroverted, animated, and adds energy just by being there. All three had a good attitude. Bobo kisses with no tongue, the others allow DFK. All seemed to enjoy receiving DATY, DATO. The curly headed one provided bbbj with enthusiasm and gusto. The others provided cbj. The shy one had a deep technique that was slow and refined. A good contrast to the gusto approach.. All provided bls. Some ball fondling and light ass play.

Recommend and will repeat. Even if the girls change, I think that the owner cares about the quality. He offered me dinner during a small wait which I politely declined. This was followed by some hot tea. The girls all had a wholesome, friendly attitude. They brought fun and good energy to the event. Undressed me and hung up my clothes. Joined me in the shower for playful scrubbing and DFK. Dried me. Helped me dress afterward. And provided a really great romp in between.

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Ms Kreem in New West - CL - Hutchinson Escorts

Have seen Ms Kreem before and felt in the mood for some of her lovin so gave her a call. Was available so I dropped everything and headed over. Easy to find N/West address with lots of parking.
Met me at the door with a big kiss that moved into some more heavy DFKing and hugging. She had made coffee but it wasn't the main interest at the moment.
Off with the clothes (whoops, better close the windows and pull the blinds :o) and onto the bed. I had just showered before heading over and she had just come out of the shower so there was no delay there.:cool:
She loves to be touched and having her boobs played with. We spent the next little while, rubbing, touching, kissing and other good stuff.;) Some enthusiastic DATY ensued and then she reciprocated with some excellent BBBJ. Some BLS and some rimming which switched into a great 69.
Couldn't wait much longer so on with the cover and started and finished:o with MISH!
Some snuggling followed after she washed me with warm cloths. A great time!
Kreem is as advertised - a BBW with a big heart. She enjoys what she does and it shows. Repeat - definitely. Cost - varies - suggest calling for specials.

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Misty / Cara / Alexys - Wichita Escorts

I've been a buzy boy in seeing some gals this last few weeks but bad in getting reviews done. So here's some catch ups.

I seen Misty's special for **** members of $150 hour on Wednesday and figured that especially since I hadn't seen her in a couple of months that I better take advantage of this. I called her early afternoon on Thursday for a 9:30 date and was pleased that she sounded so happy to hear from me again.

Arrived at her Wichita location to find her dressed in a skimpy blouse, a mini skirt and thigh reaching, big heeled boots. Misty towered over me by 5" in these boots. She leads me up the 4 flights of stairs ( a long way but I got to watch those cute cheeks bounce along the way) to the bedroom. A quick accompanied shower and we were on the bed ready to start.

A bit of LFK to start and my hands are roaming all over her body stroking everything. I begin on her breasts with my tongue making those nipples hard and getting lots of moans. I roll her over so I can kiss her back down to her round butt. I've had a thing for back kissing lately and Misty seemed to like it.

Time for DATY now and I get a pillow under that ass to raise that pussy for lots of licking and digits. Misty's regulars know that when she starts getting close to climaxing ,she takes over rubbing her clit. So, since I couldn't get to the clit and her ass was raised so nicely I started alternating licking her little brown hole and up to her pussy untill she had that very loud climax.

Then it's my turn and Misty's famous BBBJ. She starts out with the balls, both end up in her mouth at once, and then on to the shaft. Deep throating him like crazy and driving me crazy untill she decides it's time for her to be on top.
Misty rides wildly up and down and then my favorite, leans all the way over with the boobs rubbing all over my chest and my hands gripping her ass controlling the speed of her pussy slidding up and down him.

Switch to doggie for a bit before I get her to finish me off with her lips and hands.

What a great time and I will be calling her again.

She goes under CaptivatingCara on this site and CaraClemintine on the other. I seen her last Wednesday nite and it went as great as always. Almost all the GFE items on the menu (LFK/DFK is the only thing that is missing) I love her beautifull breasts and spend alot of attention there as well as her pussy. She is always happy to see me and I definitly will see her again.
Rates are $ hour

Alexys works for vic2van and I seen her again 2 weeks ago. Slim little blonde with a bubble butt. Totally GFE with lots of kissing ,Daty , and all the other stuff.
Phone# -882-3090
$ hour

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Charlize @ Cloud 9 - Manhattan Escorts

Cruising home through Manhattan on my way home I decided to take a look at Cloud 9 as it was my understanding it was under new management there and see if they had improved the lineup.

There was a very cute young blonde there named Charlize, probably around 20 years old and I decided on her and booked a half hour.

Rooms were fine and included a shower which is always good so you dont have to take a quick run down the hall hoping not to run into anyone. Charlize came in, dimmed the lights and set up some candles. Charlize has blonde hair around shoulder length, is around 5'5" I would guess, has a very nice tight body, natural rack and a couple of very small tatooos. She seemed fairly new and was a bit on the quiet side, but very pleasant to talk to. She gave me a short massage, followed by a good cbj and from that we elapsed into cowgirl, doggy and finally missionary before I finally expulsed my horde of sticky white mancream. It was a good session but I guess it could have been better as when I talked to her after she could be open to offering GFE and gave me a delicious taste of DFK on the way out.

So in summary: Charlize is very cute, young, lowkey, probably quite new thus possibly a little nieve about how things work but she might offer pretty good mileage. I cant guarantee it but if she does it would probably be worth taking a look. If its only basic service you still get pretty good sex with a hot young blonde anyways.

Cloud 9 is at Ingleton and in Manhattan in Manhattan. The half hour rate was $150 if I remember right.

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Review: Kali Kaos CL (kalikaos) - Shawnee Escorts

Well I figured why not, prices were hard to resist really but always have the "you get what you pay for" in the back of my mind and ready to bolt. But she was ok.

The goth thing interested me, mainly cause of the suicide girls I guess hahaha but I didn't find her to be all that goth, I guess dressing in black and having tattoos and piercings is enough? suicide girls have definitely skewed my opinion hehehe. She's quite bubbly/friendly really awesome bbbjcim, seems very open minded to all sorts of stuff but I didn't ask for the all the details. I found her eager to please and wanted to provide good service but also enjoyed doing it.

Place is right in the middle of in Shawnee, bare, floor is not all that clean (dust, lint, streaks/spots of something) I'm kinda picky in that department though.

Small girl, pictures are accurate but I won't say she's really fit or anything. I didn't find myself attracted to her physically but her personality was good. I say L7, A9, S9 (because she says she's open to anything, whatever that means. I don't explore all the boundaries).

Repeat? Maybe for that nice bbbj, recommend? Well some guys may not like her look so it depends... I think it's worth it to quickly say hi and see what you think.

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Summer on CL (Kansas City)

Finally my faith in humanity has been reconfirmed.

She has an ad on CL (7002), her pictures are 100% accurate, what you see is what you get, a 20ish, very hot, very firm, gal, who's pictures match. Phoned to setup an appointment very friendly on the phone, everything covered (no greek), works out of a highrise by Kansas City skytrain. There was one fact in her ad I would disagree with she lists her waist as 27 if her waste is 27 my cock is 12 inches, I would guess at most 24, but who's going to hold that against her.

Arrived at her incall, met in the lobby, ride up in the elevator (still in shock how attractive she is. Unfortuately I believe she is visiting and will not be here for to much longer, to bad, I could see visions of marraige in our Qouted 140/half alittle on the high side for Kansas City, but in my opinion well worth it. Bed in a little den of the livingroom 19th floor blinds open city lights in the back ground. Multiple positions, great finish, hell of good time, definity would repeat and recommend.

L/S/A 10/8/9

note: if you are into big boobs, not for you, 34B is accurate

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